How it Works

  1. Orders for these products will be accepted during the disclosed time period.
  2. Once the preorder is closed, a bulk order is placed with the manufacturer (if MOQ is met).
  3. Once the product(s) have been produced, they will be shipped to us (Project Keyboard). 
  4. The shipment will undergo QC (quality control) inspection. Issue that do not meet our expectations can delay the initial shipping date. 
  5. When the product(s) are verified, orders will then be shipped out in the order they were placed.


Cancellations, Refunds, Changes, and Address Changes

  • CANCELLATIONS: If your order is NOT a GB/Preorder item, please contact us by replying to your order confirmation email. Due to Shopify's new Terms and Conditions, all cancellations are subject to a 3% restocking fee. 
  • REFUNDS: refunds will be issued on a case-by-case basis. Please read our policy for more info. Due to Shopify's new Terms and Conditions, all cancellations are subject to a 3% restocking fee.
  • CHANGES: changes to your order is not guaranteed. Please respond to your order confirmation e-mail.
  • ADDRESS CHANGE: if you need to change your shipping address, update your address book under your account and reply to your order confirmation e-mail with your updated information. 
  • SELLING/TRANSFERRING group buy or pre-order spots will NOT be accepted. The recipient name must match the initial purchase name. 

Grouping in-stock and pre-order product(s)

  • Orders with combined in-stock & pre-order items will be canceled and you will be charged a restocking fee of 3%.
  • Orders with pre-order/groupbuy items with different fulfillment dates will be cancelled and you will charge a restocking fee of 3%.

Shipping Information and Rates

  • Shipping rates are calculated by USPS, FedEx, and DHL Express.
  • (International) All orders are declared at full value. We do not undervalue international shipments.
  • Import/VAT fees are to be paid by the customer.
  • We are not responsible for incorrect shipping information. 
  • Rejected/Returned shipments will be cancelled and you will be refunded your order total (less shipping fees).
  • We are no longer able to refund shipping costs for combined orders. Orders may be combined for orders shipping to the same address.