How it Works

  1. Orders for these products will be accepted during the disclosed period of time.
  2. After the preorder deadline, a bulk order will be placed with the manufacturer.
  3. The manufacturer will then begin setup and production.
  4. Once the product(s) have been produced, they will be shipped to Project Keyboard.
  5. After the receiving the product(s) from the manufacture, they will undergo QC (quality control) inspection.
  6. When the product(s) are verified, orders will then be shipped out in the order they were placed.

Cancellations, Refunds, Changes, and Address Changes

  • Cancellations: cancellations will not be accepted after the pre-order period.
  • Refunds: refunds will be issued on a case-by-case basis. Please read our policy for more info.
  • Changes: changes to your order is not guaranteed. Please respond to your order confirmation e-mail.
  • Address Change: if you need to change your shipping address, respond to your order confirmation e-mail.

Grouping in-stock with pre-order product(s)

  • By ordering in-stock product(s) with a pre-order, you are agree to receive the entirety of your order when all items are ready to be fulfilled.

Shipping Information and Rates

  • Shipping rates are calculated by USPS.
  • Orders are shipped international at full value.
  • International shipments will have their appropriate Harmonized Code.
  • We are not responsible for incorrect shipping information provided to us.