[GB] DCS Delftware


DCS Delftware is a dye-sublimated PBT keycap set in SP’s DCS profile inspired by ceramic art famous in the Dutch city of Delft. The colors, novelties and sublegends are based on real handpainted ceramic artwork, with over 25 unique sublegends designed to make your keyboard stand out.

Renders + fonts used are a representation of the final product but are not 100% accurate due to limitations. Renders are done with Cherry profile caps, with a similar but not identical font. Font during production will be Gorton as used for DCS Red Alert and DCS Yuri.


  • GB Starts: April 1, 2021
  • GB Ends: April 30, 2021
  • Est. shipping time: Q3 2021
  • Manufacturer: Signature Plastics
  • Profile: DCS
  • Sculpt: 1/1/2/3/4/4
  • Plastic: PBT
  • Colors
    • Base: SP WAN
    • Legend: Pantone 2726C

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