DISCLAIMER: The POM variant is made out of a raw material, POM (acetal), and sanded down to remove machine marks. We do our best to reduce visible cosmetic blemishes, but minor specks may be visible.


  • Top: POM (White) or Polycarbonate (Sandblasted)
  • Bottom: POM (White) or Polycarbonate (Sandblasted)
  • Plate: POM (White)
  • Internal Weight): Sandblasted Brass
  • Layout: Standard, HHKB, WKL
  • Mounting Style: Top Mount (secured with inserts)
  • Typing Angle: 
  • Front Height: 19mm
  • PCB (not included): compatible with universal 60% PCBs

Note: Standard top will come with plate that supports 6.25u bottom row. If 7.00u bottom row desired, please leave a comment during checkout.